Canadian Agricultural Partnership: An Overview of Protection and Assurance Programming

In Ontario, the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) is a five-year, $1.5 billion investment in the Ontario agri-food sector: $1.1 billion for Business Risk Management funding and $417 million for strategic initiatives to help grow Ontario's agri-food and agri-products sectors, effective April 2018.

Strategic initiatives will support projects in three key priority areas, with research and innovation continuing to be a key focus across all programming:

Programming will be targeted to deliver the most impactful results to address key CAP priority areas.

New - Targeted program stream

The ministry will pilot a new targeted program stream that will focus on new and emerging priorities in the agri-food and agri-products sectors.

The ministry will, where appropriate, partner with key stakeholders to deliver on CAP outcomes for Ontario through targeted investments.

Information about the new targeted program stream will be available in the near future.

CAP Protection and Assurance Programming

Ontario's agri-food sector needs to manage food safety risks and the health of animals and plants while being competitive. CAP Protection and Assurance programming will provide support to industry and individual businesses to keep pace with changing assurance systems, rapidly evolving risk, changing marketplace expectations and increasing consumers demand for greater transparency; and ultimately sustain and grow their businesses.

Program funding will target three priority areas: food safety, animal health and plant health. Programming may benefit businesses that are working towards achieving the following outcomes:

Food Safety:

  • Prevention or reduction of food safety hazards
  • Proactive approaches to address existing and emerging risks
  • Increase businesses' competitiveness, and consumer confidence

Animal Health:

  • Prevention, detection, and mitigation of risks from animal disease threats and promotion of farmed animal welfare through the value chain
  • Effectively managing antimicrobial use in agricultural animals
  • Supporting livestock and poultry producers in Ontario to be competitive, productive and profitable

Plant Health:

  • Proactively manage Ontario's plant agriculture resource base through the implementation of positive actions by the supply chain
  • Increased ability of the plant agriculture supply chain to prepare for emergencies and climate change
  • Increased coordination and capacity among all plant health partners

Protection and Assurance Activities provide additional outcomes (co-benefits) including:

  • Increased public trust in Ontario's food safety brand
  • Increased public trust in Ontario's farmed animal handling practices
  • Improved water quality, soil and pollinator health
  • Improved preparedness for climate change adaptation

Examples of CAP Protection and Assurance Project categories targeting Food Safety, Animal Health and Plant Health are:

Food Safety
  • Food Safety and Traceability Pre-audit, Assessments and Planning
  • Training and Education
  • Equipment
  • Food Safety and Traceability System Improvements
  • Applied Research, Pilots and Demonstrations
  • Food Safety Program Adoption
  • Traceability Solutions Adoption
  • Skills Development and Training
Animal Health
  • Education, Planning, Assessment and Training
  • Preventing the Introduction and Spread of Disease
  • Construction of Facilities to Manage Deadstock
  • Improvements to Animal Housing and Handling
  • Skills Development and Training (Education and Outreach)
  • Applied Research, Pilots and Demonstrations
  • Traceability Equipment
  • Traceability System Improvements
Plant Health
  • Education, planning, assessment and training
  • Managing contaminated plant and soil
  • Sanitation and work flow
  • Tools and equipment for plant pest monitoring and management
  • Preventing access from wildlife, pests and rodents
  • Continuous rinse systems
  • Education, planning, assessment and training
  • Skills Development and Training
  • Applied Research, Pilots and Demonstrations
  • Plant Health Best Practices
  • Building Networks to Advance Plant Health (New)

Who can apply

Producers, processors, other agri-businesses across the value chain (e.g., commingling facilities, custom applicators, suppliers), organizations and collaborations, academic institutions, scientific and research communities, Northern Ontario communities.

When to apply

Application intakes will open on the first business day in April 2018.

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