Approved Projects for the Agri-Food Open for E-Business- Targeted Intake Stream 1: Bring Your Business Online

The following recipients have been approved and contracted, as of November 24, 2020, to receive funding in support of projects to help establish or expand their online presence and help provide consumers with more opportunities to access local food:

Recipient Cost-share Funding County Region
10C Shared Space $5,000.00 Wellington County West
19th Avenue Farmers Market $5,000.00 Toronto Region Central
2x4 Jam Co. $4,500.00 Niagara Region West $4,300.00 Lambton County West
4th Line Cattle Co $4,608.00 Wellington County West
Abbey Gardens $4,950.00 Haliburton County East
Abokichi Inc. $5,000.00 Hamilton Region West
Académie du gourmet academy Inc. $5,000.00 Prescott & Russell County East
Acid League $5,000.00 Peel Region Central
Acorn Creek Garden Farm $5,000.00 Ottawa Region East
AERC Inc. $4,000.00 Ottawa Region East
African Bronze Honey Company $5,000.00 Leeds & Grenville County East
Against the Grain Farms of Winchester Inc. $5,000.00 Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry County East
Agape Valley Sugar Bush $4,250.00 Niagara Region West
Aliments Farmhouse Food $5,000.00 Ottawa Region East
All Seasons Nursery and Flowers Inc. $5,000.00 Chatham-Kent County West
All Sorts Acres Farms $5,000.00 Grey County West
Allin's Orchard and Country Market $4,235.00 Durham Region Central
Alternate Route Property Development Inc. $5,000.00 Grey County West
Alton Farms Estate Winery $5,000.00 Lambton County West
Amalgamation Acres $3,700.00 Bruce County West
Aman Farms $4,600.00 Leeds & Grenville County East
Anderdon Bee Co. $5,000.00 Essex County West
Anderson Craft Ales Ltd. $5,000.00 Middlesex County West
Appleflats $5,000.00 Perth County West
AppleTree Markets $4,800.00 Toronto Region Central
Arnold Family Farms $3,105.86 Middlesex County West
Arrowwood Farm $5,000.00 Middlesex County West
Augusta Fruit Market Ltd. $3,276.00 Toronto Region Central
Avonmore Berry Farm $3,848.00 Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry County East
Baccanalle $4,994.00 Ottawa Region East
Backcountry Wok $5,000.00 Ottawa Region East
Backed By Bees $5,000.00 Halton Region Central
Bailey's Local Foods $2,000.00 Waterloo Region West
Baker's Nursery Ltd. $4,900.00 Huron County West
Bala & Port Carling Garden Centres $4,930.00 Muskoka District Central
Bald Baker $5,000.00 Toronto Region Central
Banded Goose Brewing Company $3,500.00 Essex County West
Barking Farmer $5,000.00 Timiskaming District Northeast
Barkleyvale Farms Ontario Maple Products $3,700.00 Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry County East
Barrie Hill Farms $4,850.00 Simcoe County Central
Battaglia's Marketplace $5,000.00 Peel Region Central
Bay Meats Butcher Shop $3,500.00 Thunder Bay District Northwest
Bayanihan Honey Bee Company $4,960.00 Leeds & Grenville County East
Bayfield Berry Farm $4,800.00 Huron County West
Bayside Brewing Co. Limited $5,000.00 Chatham-Kent County West
BCM Farms Inc. $5,000.00 Dufferin County West
Beatty Honey $5,000.00 York Region Central
Beaver Valley Maple $4,815.00 Grey County West
Bee Local 4166 $5,000.00 Toronto Region Central
Bee Symphony $5,000.00 Muskoka District Central
Beechwood Market $4,900.00 Ottawa Region East
Beetbox Co-operative Farm $5,000.00 Ottawa Region East
Bella Hill Maple Syrup $3,600.00 Parry Sound District Northeast
Belmont Meats $5,000.00 Toronto Region Central
Bench Brewing Company $5,000.00 Niagara Region West
Berry Homestead Farm $5,000.00 Leeds & Grenville County East
Berrylicious Fruit Farm $2,950.00 Oxford County West
Better Than Yia Yia's Foods $2,551.76 Toronto Region Central
Bio-Ag Consultants & Distributors Inc. $5,000.00 Waterloo Region West
Birdsong Orchards $5,000.00 Peterborough County East
Bisons Du Nord-Ontario Inc $4,909.00 Timiskaming District Northeast
Black Prince Winery-Canadian Vinegar Cellars $5,000.00 Prince Edward County East
Black Sheep Farm $2,976.79 Bruce County West
Black's Distillery $5,000.00 Peterborough County East
Bloem $2,119.99 Simcoe County Central
Blueberry Hill Estates $5,000.00 Norfolk County West
Bluegrass Farm $2,950.00 Leeds & Grenville County East
Bold Canine Inc. $5,000.00 Wellington County West
Bolton Creek Farm $5,000.00 Ottawa Region East
Bondi Produce Co. Ltd. $5,000.00 Toronto Region Central
Bonnechere Haven Farms $4,500.00 Renfrew County East
Boreal Berry Farm $4,975.00 Sudbury District Northeast
Borrow Family Farm $2,812.69 Simcoe County Central
Botanigals $5,000.00 Haliburton County East
Bowl Bar Inc o/a Shot of Gold $5,000.00 Toronto Region Central
Branson Family Sugar Bush $5,000.00 Ottawa Region East
Brantim Country Garden Center $5,000.00 Lanark County East
Brantview Apples and Cider / Howell Road Cider Company $4,500.00 Brant County West
Breedon's Maple Syrup $508.50 Simcoe County Central
Bre's Fresh Market $3,309.96 Oxford County West
Brew Revolution $5,000.00 Ottawa Region East
Bridgepeak Nutritional $5,000.00 York Region Central
Brilin Farms Limited $5,000.00 Brant County West
Brimstone Brewing Company Inc. $5,000.00 Niagara Region West
Brooklands Farm $4,933.00 Muskoka District Central
Browndale Farm $5,000.00 Brant County West
Browndale Specialty Sires $5,000.00 Brant County West
Bruized $5,000.00 Toronto Region Central
Buda Juice Canada $5,000.00 Peel Region Central
Burdock $5,000.00 Toronto Region Central
Calabogie Rustic Farm $5,000.00 Renfrew County East
Callan Farms $4,250.00 Kawartha Lakes East
Canada West Maple Products $5,000.00 Thunder Bay District Northwest
Canadian Foods Distribution Inc $5,000.00 Hamilton Region West
Cape Croker Park $5,000.00 Bruce County West
Carleton Mushroom Farms Sales $5,000.00 Ottawa Region East
Caroles Cheesecake Company Ltd $5,000.00 Toronto Region Central
Carp Garden Centre $5,000.00 Ottawa Region East
Carter's Maple Syrup $4,500.00 Simcoe County Central
Carver's Natural Farms $5,000.00 Lambton County West
Casa Bonita Foods, Inc. $5,000.00 Toronto Region Central
Cassburn Sweets $5,000.00 Prescott & Russell County East
Cassie Maple Products $5,000.00 Wellington County West
Cavaleiro Farm $4,300.00 York Region Central
Cave Spring Cellars Partnership $5,000.00 Niagara Region West
Cedar Grove Organic Farm $600.00 Kawartha Lakes East
Central Smith Creamery $2,550.00 Peterborough County East
Centre for Local Food Initiatives $4,500.00 Toronto Region Central
Century Maple $3,700.00 Lanark County East
Chapter Two Brewing Company $5,000.00 Essex County West
CharKuu 102 Charcuterie $5,000.00 Thunder Bay District Northwest
Chary Produce Ltd. $4,998.00 Brant County West
Chatsworth Honey $2,547.00 Grey County West
Chetwyn Farms $4,437.60 Prince Edward County East
Chez Nous Farms $4,999.00 Niagara Region West
City of St. Catharines $4,741.00 Niagara Region West
Clancey and Gale's Maple Products $3,700.00 Kawartha Lakes East
Clear Mountains Food Group $5,000.00 Toronto Region Central
Cleary Feed and Seed $4,530.00 Leeds & Grenville County East
Click Fork $2,837.41 Nipissing District Northeast
Clifford Brewing $3,967.00 Hamilton Region West
Clovermead Apiaries Limited $5,000.00 Elgin County West
Clowes & Co Inc. $4,825.00 Niagara Region West
Coco Cakes Inc. $4,905.17 Peterborough County East
Cohen Grocers Inc. $4,998.00 Toronto Region Central
Cold Creek Farm $3,700.00 Peel Region Central
Collingwood Honey Farms $4,978.51 Simcoe County Central
Collingwood Kombucha $5,000.00 Grey County West
Colonial Florists Limited $3,962.98 Niagara Region West
Common Ground Farm $1,750.00 Elgin County West
Corn Acre Farms $4,767.00 Leeds & Grenville County East
Cornell Farms $5,000.00 Rainy River District Northwest
Cornerstone Organics $5,000.00 Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry County East
Corporation of the Township of Mulmur $5,000.00 Dufferin County West
Counterpart Brewing $4,500.00 Niagara Region West
Couper Country $5,000.00 Wellington County West
Coutts Country Flavours $4,550.00 Lanark County East
Coutts Maple Products $2,800.00 Lanark County East
Craft Heads Brewing Company $3,500.00 Essex County West
Crazy D's Prebiotic Craft Soda $5,000.00 Toronto Region Central
Creekside Estate Winery $5,000.00 Niagara Region West
Crinklaw Maple Products $4,900.00 Middlesex County West
Cross Wind Farms $5,000.00 Peterborough County East
Culcherd $5,000.00 Toronto Region Central
Cured Craft Brewing Co. $5,000.00 Essex County West
Currie's Farm Market Inc. $872.71 Simcoe County Central
D&D Poultry $5,000.00 Toronto Region Central
Dairy Fountain Inc. $5,000.00 Peel Region Central
Danbrie Farms $5,000.00 Halton Region Central
David & Sons Fine Condiments $5,000.00 Frontenac County East
Dayview Farm $3,700.00 Simcoe County Central
de Boers Market $5,000.00 Peel Region Central
Deep Roots $4,900.00 Peterborough County East
DeJong Acres $4,900.00 Grey County West
DeVries Fruit Farm $5,000.00 Niagara Region West
Diane Janssens $5,000.00 Middlesex County West
Dick Duff's Organic Jerky $5,000.00 York Region Central
DistillX Beverages Inc. $5,000.00 Toronto Region Central
Dixon's Distilled Spirits Inc. $5,000.00 Wellington County West
Dorisdale Farms $4,500.00 Peterborough County East
Dover13 Wines & Spirits Ltd. $5,000.00 Norfolk County West
Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association $5,000.00 Essex County West
Drea's Wine Co $5,000.00 Niagara Region West
Drink Miura $5,000.00 Toronto Region Central
Dunrobin Distilleries $5,000.00 Ottawa Region East
Dunya Habitats $5,000.00 Frontenac County East
East Street Cider Co. $5,000.00 Huron County West
Eat Local Grey Bruce $1,400.00 Grey County West
Eat Local Muskoka $5,000.00 Muskoka District Central
Eat to Life $4,675.90 Toronto Region Central
Edible Acres / Laurie Ahrens $1,020.00 Middlesex County West
Elite Pak $4,950.00 Norfolk County West
Elliott Tree Farm Limited $1,000.00 Wellington County West
ELXR Juice Labs $5,000.00 Peterborough County East
Ennis Maple Products $3,800.00 Lanark County East
Entomo Farms $5,000.00 Peterborough County East
Equator Coffee Roasters $5,000.00 Lanark County East
Equilibrium Foods Inc. $5,000.00 Waterloo Region West
Escarpment Laboratories Inc. $5,000.00 Wellington County West
Essentially Lavender $3,300.00 Bruce County West
Esta Chocolates Inc. $4,982.50 Waterloo Region West
Exeter Produce & Storage $5,000.00 Huron County West
Fair Fields $5,000.00 Grey County West
Fairhope Farm $1,410.00 Simcoe County Central
Fall Harvest Farm $5,000.00 Waterloo Region West
Farm Crest Market Place and Event Center $4,995.00 Peterborough County East
Farm on Argyle $2,100.00 Peterborough County East
Farm2Door $5,000.00 Simcoe County Central
Farmer Jim's Grass Fed Beef $5,000.00 Grey County West
Farmers' Market of Grimsby $3,000.01 Niagara Region West
Farmstead Fresh $3,485.26 Wellington County West
Fenelon Falls Brewing Co. $5,000.00 Kawartha Lakes East
Fenwick Berry Farm $4,200.00 Niagara Region West
Ferguson Farms Inc. $4,420.00 Northumberland County East
Ferme l'Artisan Farm $3,600.00 Prescott & Russell County East
Ferme Mariposa Farm $5,000.00 Prescott & Russell County East
Ferox Estate Winery Inc. $5,000.00 Niagara Region West
Field Farms Marketing Ltd. $4,940.00 Lambton County West
Field Sparrow Farms $4,810.00 Kawartha Lakes East
Fieldless Farms Inc. $5,000.00 Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry County East
Fire in the Kitchen Inc $5,000.00 Simcoe County Central
Fischer Lind Farms Ltd $5,000.00 Bruce County West
Fish Tree Farm $5,000.00 Peel Region Central
Fisher-Cote Farmstead $4,800.00 Lanark County East
Five Rows Craft Wine Inc $5,000.00 Niagara Region West
Flat Rock Cellars Ltd. $4,950.00 Niagara Region West
Fleetwood Hills Farm $5,000.00 Kawartha Lakes East
Flesherton and District Farmers' Market $4,870.00 Grey County West
Foliera Inc. $5,000.00 Niagara Region West
Food for Life $5,000.00 Halton Region Central
Food Specialties $5,000.00 Peel Region Central
Forest Floor Mushrooms $4,446.00 Lanark County East
Forsythe Family Farms 2009 Inc. / Jim and Leslie Forsythe $4,780.00 Durham Region Central
Fort Rose Maple Company $3,700.00 Middlesex County West
Four Seasons Greens $4,536.20 Muskoka District Central
Foxwood Greenhouses Ltd $2,793.00 Northumberland County East
Fraberts Fresh Food Ltd $4,999.00 Wellington County West
Frank Sugar Shack $3,700.00 Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry County East
Fraser's Beverage Company $5,000.00 Halton Region Central
Fresh Ayr Farm $4,992.00 Waterloo Region West
Fresh City Farms Inc. $5,000.00 Toronto Region Central
Fressy Bessie Foods Inc. $5,000.00 Toronto Region Central
Fulton's Pancake House and Sugar Bush $5,000.00 Lanark County East
Funky Ferments $4,000.00 Grey County West
Gaia Organics $4,894.00 Ottawa Region East
Galt Bakery $5,000.00 Waterloo Region West
Gammondale Farm $5,000.00 Thunder Bay District Northwest
Ganaraska Grain $5,000.00 Northumberland County East
Ganden Gardens Ltd. $5,000.00 Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry County East
Garden Party $4,700.00 Waterloo Region West
Garlicious Ontario Incorporated $2,571.00 York Region Central
Gees Bees Honey Company $5,000.00 Ottawa Region East
Gemmell's Garden Centre $5,000.00 Lanark County East
Genuine Tea $5,000.00 Toronto Region Central
Georgian Chocolate Co. $4,279.00 Simcoe County Central
Gibbs Honey $4,500.00 Prescott & Russell County East
Giizhigat Maple Products $4,250.00 Algoma District Northeast
Glen Drummond Farm Inc. $4,850.00 Hamilton Region West
Glengarry Maple $5,000.00 Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry County East
Golden Family Tree Ltd. $3,000.00 Durham Region Central
Golden Treasure Maple Syrup Products $3,600.00 Parry Sound District Northeast
Goldies $4,400.00 Hastings County East
Goldsmith's Orchard Market $5,000.00 Grey County West
Good Food for Good $5,000.00 Toronto Region Central
Graham Acres $4,900.00 Cochrane District Northeast
Great Lakes Farm $5,000.00 Elgin County West
Great Mountain Ginseng Co. Ltd. $5,000.00 York Region Central
Greaves Jams & Marmalades $5,000.00 Niagara Region West
Green Being Farm $4,207.50 Grey County West
Green Gourmand Foods Inc. $5,000.00 Toronto Region Central
Green Legacy Farm $472.31 Nipissing District Northeast
Green Table Foods $5,000.00 Wellington County West
Griffith Farm & Market $4,750.00 Renfrew County East
Grober Nutrition $5,000.00 Waterloo Region West
Gunn's Hill Artisan Cheese Ltd. $3,881.80 Oxford County West
Haanover View Farms $4,850.00 Hastings County East
Halladay Maple $3,040.00 Leeds & Grenville County East
Hanna's Maple Syrup $3,800.00 Huron County West
Happy Body Collection Inc. $5,000.00 Peterborough County East
Harmony Farm $4,960.00 Leeds & Grenville County East
Hat Trick Farms Inc $5,000.00 Chatham-Kent County West
Hawkins Honey and Maple Co $5,000.00 Wellington County West
Hawksview Honey $5,000.00 Essex County West
Hawthorne Ridge Heritage Farm $1,018.88 Peterborough County East
Hayes Haven Farms $5,000.00 Oxford County West
Haymaker's Coffee Co. $1,422.00 Frontenac County East
Heal DOGGY Plant Based Kitchen $3,750.00 Toronto Region Central
Healthy Genie Inc. $5,000.00 Toronto Region Central
Healthy Prickly Concepts Inc. $3,350.00 Toronto Region Central
Heartbeet Farm $4,839.35 Ottawa Region East
Heartwood Farm & Cidery $5,000.00 Halton Region Central
Heeman Greenhouses Limited $5,000.00 Middlesex County West
Henderson Brewing Company $5,000.00 Toronto Region Central
Henderson Farms Wolfe Island $5,000.00 Frontenac County East
Henry's Tempeh Inc $5,000.00 Waterloo Region West
Herbert Labs $5,000.00 Peel Region Central
Heritage Bee Co $5,000.00 Dufferin County West
Heritage Greenhouses $5,000.00 Norfolk County West
Herrle's Country Farm Market $4,633.69 Waterloo Region West
Hidden Trails Farm $3,800.00 Prescott & Russell County East
HiGarden $5,000.00 York Region Central
Highlander Brew Co $4,200.00 Parry Sound District Northeast
Hinterland Growers $2,199.00 Durham Region Central
Hogan's Homestead Products $5,000.00 Algoma District Northeast
Hoity Toity Cellars Inc. $5,000.00 Bruce County West
Holland Marsh Wineries $4,800.00 York Region Central
Home stead Farm $1,300.00 York Region Central
Homeopathy London $5,000.00 Middlesex County West
Honey Pie Hives & Herbals $4,240.00 Prince Edward County East
Honey-Do Honey $5,000.00 Lambton County West
Hoover's Maple Syrup $2,258.30 Perth County West
Hoppy Fields Farm $5,000.00 Wellington County West
Hounds of Erie Winery $5,000.00 Norfolk County West
Howling Hound Acres $5,000.00 Sudbury Region Northeast
Hubberts Maple Products $5,000.00 Parry Sound District Northeast
Hugli Blueberry Ranch $4,000.00 Renfrew County East
Hummingbird Hill Farms Ltd. $5,000.00 Peel Region Central
Idlewood Sugar Bush $3,700.00 Peterborough County East
Indian Creek Orchard Garden $5,000.00 Lanark County East
Indian River Acres $5,000.00 Peterborough County East
J&E Meats $2,218.96 Chatham-Kent County West
Jakeman's Maple Products $5,000.00 Oxford County West
Jameswood Maple $3,700.00 Lanark County East
Jamink Farm $3,908.00 Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry County East
Jazzie Garlic and Veggies $4,500.00 Durham Region Central
Jim Bell Fruit Farm $3,480.00 Huron County West
Jo Elle & Cie™ $4,800.00 Leeds & Grenville County East
John R. Westcott, Kate Westcott o/a Westcott Farms $4,748.00 Kawartha Lakes East
John Snowden $4,550.00 Lambton County West
Johnston's Greenhouse and Garden Centre $2,587.50 Peterborough County East
Jordan Valley Orchards $5,000.00 Niagara Region West
Josmar Acres Inc. $5,000.00 Hamilton Region West
Jubilee Forest Farm $5,000.00 Prince Edward County East
Junction Farmers Market $791.53 Toronto Region Central
K. Fred Judd, Sharon Judd o/a Meadow Lynn Farms $5,000.00 Norfolk County West
KABO Labs Inc. $5,000.00 Toronto Region Central
KB Ranch $5,000.00 Rainy River District Northwest
KC Hope Farms $4,970.00 Peterborough County East
Kellsons Craft Condiments $4,542.18 Wellington County West
Kelly's Gourmet Mushrooms LTD $4,976.00 Frontenac County East
Kemble Mountain Maple Products $947.91 Grey County West
Kerr Bros. Limited $5,000.00 Toronto Region Central
KGC Farms $5,000.00 Peel Region Central
King's Heritage Farm $2,060.00 Haldimand County West
Kinmount Farmers Market $5,000.00 Kawartha Lakes East
Kipling Ridge Farms $5,000.00 Nipissing District Northeast
Kirkview Farms $5,000.00 Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry County East
Kisko Products $5,000.00 York Region Central
Klomp's Home and Garden $5,000.00 Perth County West
Koolgroup Groceries $3,690.00 Middlesex County West
Korny Korners Farm $5,000.00 Lambton County West
Kosuma Foods Inc. $5,000.00 Elgin County West
Kricklewood Farm Inc. $5,000.00 Leeds & Grenville County East
Kustermans Berry Farm $5,000.00 Middlesex County West
La Binerie Plantagenet $5,000.00 Prescott & Russell County East
La Ferme Black River Game Farm Inc. $5,000.00 Toronto Region Central
Lake Land Meats $5,000.00 Niagara Region West
Landman Gardens and Bakery $4,846.00 Dufferin County West
Laslyn Alpaca $5,000.00 Grey County West
Laza Food & Beverages Inc. $5,000.00 Wellington County West
Lazy Dog Coffee Co $5,000.00 Leeds & Grenville County East
Leadbetter Foods Inc. $5,000.00 Simcoe County Central
Lee and Maria's $3,413.55 Essex County West
Leisure Farms $5,000.00 Nipissing District Northeast
Lennox Farm (1988) Limited $4,950.00 Dufferin County West
Leone Fine Foods $5,000.00 York Region Central
Lighthouse Lemonade Inc $5,000.00 Wellington County West
Lily Oak Nursery $5,000.00 Grey County West
Lincoln Line Orchards $4,520.00 Niagara Region West
Lindsay's Gourmet Compound Butter $5,000.00 Niagara Region West
Link Greenhouses $4,986.00 Durham Region Central
Linwell Gardens Ltd $2,159.92 Niagara Region West
Living Earth Farm $5,000.00 Toronto Region Central
Livingbrightly $4,000.00 Peterborough County East
Lochland Farm Limited $4,850.00 Halton Region Central
Loeks Farm & Edible Eco-system Design $5,000.00 Renfrew County East
Long Point Country Chamber of Commerce $4,985.50 Norfolk County West
Long's Maple Syrup $3,000.00 Parry Sound District Northeast
Loyalist Jams $5,000.00 Prince Edward County East
Lynn River Farm $5,000.00 Perth County West
Mackay Farms $5,000.00 Wellington County West
MacKinnon Brothers Brewing Co. $5,000.00 Lennox & Addington County East
Magwood Maple Treats $3,700.00 Grey County West
Maidstone Treefarm & Garden Centre Inc. $5,000.00 Essex County West
Makkink's Flower Farm $4,991.97 Oxford County West
Mambella's Italian Kitchen $5,000.00 Waterloo Region West
Manitoulin Brewing Company $5,000.00 Manitoulin District Northeast
Manitree Fruit Farms $2,790.00 Chatham-Kent County West
Maple Hill Farm - Ferme côte d'érables $3,000.00 Sudbury Region Northeast
Maple Meadow Farms $4,000.00 Ottawa Region East
Maple Ridge Farm $3,700.00 Manitoulin District Northeast
Maple Ridge Farm (Laxton) $3,700.00 Kawartha Lakes East
Mapleside Sugar Bush $3,700.00 Renfrew County East
Mapleton's Organic Dairy $5,000.00 Wellington County West
Marchés d'Ottawa Markets $5,000.00 Ottawa Region East
Mark and Sarah Taylor $1,567.50 Grey County West
Maxwell Acres Ltd $4,950.00 Grey County West
Maxwell Apple Orchards $5,000.00 Simcoe County Central
Mazak Farms $4,819.02 Elgin County West
McCamus Maple Syrup and Maple Products $4,998.60 Peterborough County East
McGregor's Orchard $5,000.00 Renfrew County East
McGregor's Produce $2,658.26 Renfrew County East
McNiven Farms $5,000.00 Simcoe County Central
McRae Family Maple Syrup $3,700.00 Nipissing District Northeast
Meadowview Alpaca Farm $5,000.00 Algoma District Northeast
Merrylynd Organics $5,000.00 Peterborough County East
Mi Cocina $4,999.75 Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry County East
Miel Rebel Honey $2,400.30 Wellington County West
Mighty Fine Brine $5,000.00 Toronto Region Central
Mill Market Sault Ste. Marie $5,000.00 Algoma District Northeast
Miller's Bay Farm $5,000.00 Leeds & Grenville County East
Milton Chamber of Commerce $5,000.00 Halton Region Central
Miner AquaGreen Foods / MAGStore & More $1,760.00 Prescott & Russell County East
Minor Bros. Animal Health & Nutrition $5,000.00 Haldimand County West
Miski Organics $5,000.00 Halton Region Central
Mississippi Berries $5,000.00 Lanark County East
Molly B's Gluten Free Kitchen $4,950.00 York Region Central
Morrison Berries Country Market $4,200.00 Bruce County West
Mrs. Grocery $5,000.00 Wellington County West
Mullen Garden Market $5,000.00 Niagara Region West
Munro Honey $5,000.00 Lambton County West
Muskoka Lakes Winery $5,000.00 Muskoka District Central
Muskoka Lodge Maple Syrup $4,200.00 Muskoka District Central
Mylko Dairy-Free $5,000.00 Toronto Region Central
Nassagaweya Farm $5,000.00 Halton Region Central
National Pasta Corporation $5,000.00 Waterloo Region West
Nature Knows Inc $4,600.00 Toronto Region Central
NDFRESH $4,926.00 Durham Region Central
Neophyto Foods $4,415.00 Toronto Region Central
Niagara Cider Company $5,000.00 Niagara Region West
Niagara Falls Farmers' Market $3,500.00 Niagara Region West
Nicholyn Farms $4,500.00 Simcoe County Central
NONA Vegan Foods Ltd. $4,325.00 Toronto Region Central
Northern Wildflowers $5,000.00 Sudbury Region Northeast
Norwich Deli & Bakery $5,000.00 Oxford County West
Nourished Roots Market Garden $1,310.00 Wellington County West
nud fud inc $5,000.00 Toronto Region Central
Nuts For Cheese $5,000.00 Middlesex County West
Oat & Mill $5,000.00 Northumberland County East
Old Flame Brewing Co. $5,000.00 Durham Region Central
Oliver's Mapleworks $5,000.00 Lanark County East
On The Bend Sugar Shack $3,700.00 Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry County East
On The Move Organics $5,000.00 Middlesex County West
Oneroot Inc. $5,000.00 York Region Central
Ontario Hazelnut Association $5,000.00 Norfolk County West
Ontario Honey Creations $5,000.00 Dufferin County West
Open Food Network Canada $5,000.00 Waterloo Region West
Orange Door Acres Farm $4,625.00 Oxford County West
Original Foods Limited $5,000.00 Haldimand County West
Ottawa Valley Farm to Fork $4,530.00 Renfrew County East
Ottawa Valley Food Cooperative Inc (OVFC) $5,000.00 Renfrew County East
Ottawa Valley Grain Products $5,000.00 Ottawa Region East
Our Farm CSA $4,998.68 Ottawa Region East
Palatine Fruit and Roses $5,000.00 Niagara Region West
Palmateer Farms $2,500.00 Hastings County East
Paperboat Farms $5,000.00 Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry County East
Parkway Garden Centre $4,199.97 Middlesex County West
Parsons Brewing Company $5,000.00 Prince Edward County East
Partake Brewing $5,000.00 Toronto Region Central
Peacasa Snacks Inc. $5,000.00 York Region Central
Pefferlaw Creek Farms $4,901.00 Durham Region Central
Pelmen Foods $5,000.00 Toronto Region Central
Penokean Hills Farms Inc. $5,000.00 Algoma District Northeast
Perennial Petals $2,490.00 York Region Central
Perfect Herbs Inc. $5,000.00 Toronto Region Central
Perth Brewery Ltd $5,000.00 Lanark County East
Perth Farmers' Market $4,888.00 Lanark County East
Peter Warren (Granite Gardens) $3,800.00 Leeds & Grenville County East
Peterborough & District Farmers Market $5,000.00 Peterborough County East
Phat Nutrition Ltd $5,000.00 Toronto Region Central
Pickle Patch Farm $4,850.00 Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry County East
Pillitteri Estates Winery Inc. $5,000.00 Niagara Region West
Pilot Coffee Roasters $5,000.00 Toronto Region Central
Pingle's Farm Market $5,000.00 Durham Region Central
Pinnacle Haven Farm $5,000.00 Frontenac County East
Pitch Creek Farm $2,699.00 Thunder Bay District Northwest
Polonée Distillery $5,000.00 Niagara Region West
Popbox Mrkt. $5,000.00 Toronto Region Central
Powerhouse Brewing Company $5,000.00 Middlesex County West
Produce Express Inc $5,000.00 Oxford County West
Pulp & Press Juice Co. $5,000.00 Middlesex County West
Purple Woods Heritage Store $3,500.00 Durham Region Central
Puur Root $4,999.82 Brant County West
Quality Cheese Inc. $5,000.00 York Region Central
Quayle's Brewery Inc. $5,000.00 Simcoe County Central
Queen Milling Inc. $5,000.00 Chatham-Kent County West
Queenston Mile Vineyard $5,000.00 Niagara Region West
R Denninger Limited o/a Denninger's Foods of the World $5,000.00 Hamilton Region West
R&S Bosgoed / Inasphere Wines $5,000.00 Norfolk County West
Railway Creek Farm $2,130.00 Hastings County East
Rama Community Farm $5,000.00 Simcoe County Central
Raw Performance Dog Food Inc. $5,000.00 Niagara Region West
Rawcology $5,000.00 Toronto Region Central
Raymont's Berries $5,000.00 Essex County West
Rebel Elixir Coffee Roastery $4,900.00 Haliburton County East
Red Barn Berries $5,000.00 Oxford County West
Refined Fool Brewing Company Inc. $5,000.00 Lambton County West
Remix Snacks $4,600.00 York Region Central
Reroot Organic $4,800.00 Wellington County West
Rhea-lly Emu-zing Ranch $4,950.00 Peterborough County East
Richard Harvey Lalande $5,000.00 Lanark County East
RichLaw Maple $4,950.00 Simcoe County Central
Rideau Pines Farm $5,000.00 Leeds & Grenville County East
Rijke's Produce Farm $4,984.15 Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry County East
River Road Brewing and Hops $5,000.00 Huron County West
River's Edge Goat Dairy $4,987.00 Wellington County West
Riverview Cellars Estate Winery $5,000.00 Niagara Region West
rND Bakery $5,000.00 Lanark County East
Robintide Farms Limited $5,000.00 York Region Central
Rockwood Forest Nurseries $5,000.00 Kawartha Lakes East
Rolling Grape Vineyard $5,000.00 Peterborough County East
Roots Down Organic Farm $5,000.00 Leeds & Grenville County East
Rosedene Acres $5,000.00 Niagara Region West
Rosefield Farms $3,700.00 Northumberland County East
Round The Bend Farm $2,900.00 York Region Central
Rumar Farm $5,000.00 Niagara Region West
Rutherford's Farm and Roadside Market $4,880.50 Northumberland County East
Ryan & Sandy Duffy Farms $5,000.00 Lambton County West
Ryan's Sweet Maple $4,200.00 Lambton County West
Sable & Rosenfeld Foods $5,000.00 Toronto Region Central
Salmon River Sugar Bush $4,950.00 Lennox & Addington County East
Sam's Place Farm Market $2,865.00 Brant County West
Sargent Farms Ltd. $5,000.00 Halton Region Central
Saunders Farm Inc $5,000.00 Ottawa Region East
Say Cheese $2,760.00 Simcoe County Central
Schenck Farms and Greenhouses Co. Limited $5,000.00 Niagara Region West
Schuurman Greenhouses Ltd $3,200.00 Waterloo Region West
Scotview Orchards $4,890.00 Brant County West
Second Season Farm $4,900.00 Durham Region Central
Serres D. Parisien $3,950.24 Prescott & Russell County East
Shades of Gray Indigenous Pet Treats $5,000.00 Northumberland County East
Shawson Gardens Inc $3,399.04 Brant County West
Shoresh Jewish Environmental Programs $4,800.00 Wellington County West
Signal Brewing Company $5,000.00 Hastings County East
Silverstein's Produce $5,000.00 Essex County West
Slake Brewing $5,000.00 Prince Edward County East
Slate River Dairy $3,314.40 Thunder Bay District Northwest
Sleepy G Farm $5,000.00 Thunder Bay District Northwest
SLV Management Ltd $5,000.00 Toronto Region Central
Snyder's Family Farm $5,000.00 Oxford County West
Son in Law Produce Ltd. $5,000.00 Oxford County West
Sosnicki Organics $4,999.98 Norfolk County West
SOUPS2GO $4,860.00 Northumberland County East
South Bay Fields $2,480.00 Simcoe County Central
Sparrow & Co. $4,999.77 Toronto Region Central
Spirit of the Forest $4,950.00 Lanark County East
Spirit Rock Maple $4,600.00 Bruce County West
Split Rail Brewing Company Inc. $4,500.00 Manitoulin District Northeast
Spring Creek Quail Farms $5,000.00 Niagara Region West
Springridge Farm $5,000.00 Halton Region Central $4,850.00 Brant County West
Sprucewood Shores Estate Winery $5,000.00 Essex County West
Square Timber Brewing Company $5,000.00 Renfrew County East
Staalduinen Floral Limited $5,000.00 Hamilton Region West
Stanley's Olde Maple Lane Farm $4,733.11 Ottawa Region East
Staples Maple Syrup $4,950.00 Peterborough County East
Starbrand Production Inc. $4,800.00 York Region Central
Station Cold Brew $5,000.00 Toronto Region Central
Steamy Kettle Sugar Bush $3,700.00 Simcoe County Central
Stemmler's Meat & Cheese $5,000.00 Waterloo Region West
Stineridge Maple Products $3,700.00 Oxford County West
Stoeckli Organics $1,262.00 Bruce County West
Stonehaven Farms $5,000.00 Halton Region Central
Stonehouse Vineyard $1,300.00 Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry County East
Stonepath Greenhouses and Landscaping $1,755.23 Hastings County East
Strom's Farm & Bakery $5,000.00 Wellington County West
Sugarbush Hill Maple Farm $3,700.00 Muskoka District Central
Sugarwoods $3,700.00 Waterloo Region West
Sun Harvest Greenhouses $4,000.00 Frontenac County East
Sunny Boy Farm $5,000.00 Durham Region Central
Sunnybrook Wine $5,000.00 Niagara Region West
Sun-Ray Orchards Inc. $5,000.00 Niagara Region West
SweetWater Maple and Honey Products $4,850.00 Dufferin County West
Taltis Foods Inc $4,000.00 Toronto Region Central
Tamarack Farms $5,000.00 Northumberland County East
Taproots Green Gardens $3,000.00 Lambton County West
Taste for Luxury $5,000.00 Frontenac County East
Taste of Nature Foods Inc. $5,000.00 York Region Central
Taylor Farms $2,360.00 Northumberland County East
TC Tibetan MoMo $5,000.00 Toronto Region Central
Tea Rebellion $4,986.50 Toronto Region Central
Terramor Farm $5,000.00 Renfrew County East
Thatcher Farms Butcher Shop, Bakery and Farm Market $5,000.00 Wellington County West
The Big Carrot $5,000.00 Toronto Region Central
The Blue Elephant Artisan Brewery $5,000.00 Simcoe County Central
The Carlisle Cider Company Ltd. $4,550.00 Hamilton Region West
The Christmas Farm $5,000.00 Frontenac County East
The Duxbury Cider Co. Limited $5,000.00 Grey County West
The Exchange Brewery Inc. $5,000.00 Niagara Region West
The Glengarry Market $3,018.00 Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry County East
The Great Canadian Honey Company $5,000.00 Oxford County West
The Hare Wine Company Inc. $5,000.00 Niagara Region West
The Island Jar $4,997.71 Manitoulin District Northeast
The Keto Oven $3,000.00 Toronto Region Central
The Local Flower Collective $1,560.00 Toronto Region Central
The Mustard Seed Co+op $5,000.00 Hamilton Region West
The Power Of Ostrich Inc $5,000.00 Niagara Region West
The Roost $5,000.00 Simcoe County Central
The Spent Goods Company $5,000.00 Toronto Region Central
The Sweet Shop $5,000.00 Bruce County West
The Town of Rainy River $5,000.00 Rainy River District Northwest
The Vegan Broker Inc. $5,000.00 Toronto Region Central
The Whole Grain Hearth Inc. $654.44 Middlesex County West
Thiessen Orchards $5,000.00 Essex County West
Thompsontown Maple Products $5,000.00 Lanark County East
Three Forks Farms $5,000.00 Manitoulin District Northeast
Three Pines Microfarm and Maple Bluff Farm $5,000.00 Muskoka District Central
Three Ridges Ecological Farm $4,940.00 Elgin County West
Thyme Again Gardens $5,000.00 Hastings County East
Tiffnday 8740925 Canada Inc. $5,000.00 Toronto Region Central
Tipsy Willow Farm / McMaster Farm $5,000.00 Peterborough County East
Tonica Kombucha $5,000.00 York Region Central
Toronto Kosher Inc. $5,000.00 Toronto Region Central
Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville $4,350.00 York Region Central
Traynor Vineyard $5,000.00 Prince Edward County East
Treasure Mills Inc. $5,000.00 York Region Central
Trillium Maple Farm $3,000.00 Parry Sound District Northeast
Trillium Meadows Red Deer & Wild Boar Farm $4,110.00 Prescott & Russell County East
Trillium Ridge Sugarworks $4,800.00 Hastings County East
Troll Bridge Creek Inc. (KiKi Maple Water) $5,000.00 Wellington County West
Tropix $3,000.00 Peel Region Central
Trout Lily $2,208.00 Wellington County West
Trupti Enterprises Inc. $5,000.00 Toronto Region Central
Tully's Way Farms $4,750.00 Wellington County West
Twenty Creek Gardens $870.00 Niagara Region West
Two Blokes Cider $3,750.00 Durham Region Central
Udderly Ridiculous Inc $5,000.00 Oxford County West
Uncle Chester's Flaming Hot Pepper Sauce $4,285.00 Hastings County East
Unger's Market $4,895.00 Middlesex County West
Uprooted Farm $3,999.96 Wellington County West
Urban Hippie Granola $5,000.00 Frontenac County East
Valley Bio Limited $3,500.00 Renfrew County East
Valley Market samosas $1,484.06 Renfrew County East
Vankleek Hill Farmers' Market $5,000.00 Prescott & Russell County East
Vauxhall Gardens $5,000.00 Niagara Region West
Vegan Stokes Inc. $4,960.00 York Region Central
Verger du Terroir $5,000.00 Timiskaming District Northeast
VG Meats $5,000.00 Norfolk County West
Viewpointe Estate Winery $4,731.25 Essex County West
Villa Vida Loca Market $4,600.00 Durham Region Central
Village Juicery $5,000.00 Peel Region Central
Voisin's Maple Products Ltd. $3,451.20 Bruce County West
Vortex Coffee Co. $5,000.00 Prince Edward County East
Walker's Country Market Inc. $5,000.00 Niagara Region West
Walnut Hill Tree and Critter Farm Inc. $4,162.00 Wellington County West
Weathered Rock Farm $5,000.00 Halton Region Central
Weatherhead Brew Co. $4,735.00 Lanark County East
West Avenue Cider $5,000.00 Hamilton Region West
West Market Kingston $1,500.00 Frontenac County East
Wheelers Maple Ltd. $5,000.00 Lanark County East
Wholesome Generation Lifestyles Ltd. $3,250.00 Toronto Region Central
Wholesome Pickins Ltd. $4,920.00 Norfolk County West
Wholly Veggie $5,000.00 Toronto Region Central
Wiebe Maple Products $4,240.00 Perth County West
Wiehle's Wildflower Honey $5,000.00 Elgin County West
Wild Ridge Farms Inc. $5,000.00 Renfrew County East
Willow Creek Farms $3,420.00 Hastings County East
Willow Springs Winery (2010) Limited $5,000.00 York Region Central
Willowtree Farms $5,000.00 Durham Region Central
Wilson's Fresh Blueberries Inc. $5,000.00 Kawartha Lakes East
Windswept Honey Tonics $5,000.00 Grey County West
Windy Acres Maple Farm $1,714.00 Muskoka District Central
Winterdance Maple Syrup $3,974.00 Haliburton County East
Winterhill Farm and Garden $5,000.00 Wellington County West
Woodleigh Farms Ltd. $4,850.00 Peterborough County East
Wooler Dale Farm $5,000.00 Hastings County East
World Meats Inc. $5,000.00 Peel Region Central
Wrap It Up Raw $5,000.00 Niagara Region West
Yearwood's Homestead $3,900.00 Hastings County East
Ying Ying Soy Food Ltd. $5,000.00 Peel Region Central
YoFiit $5,000.00 Toronto Region Central
Your Farm Market Inc $5,000.00 Oxford County West
Yurkiv Grove $3,700.00 Haldimand County West
Zocalo Organics $4,700.00 Wellington County West

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