Place to Grow Guide for Applicants: Addressing Labour Supply and Training Challenges

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Addressing Labour Supply and Training Challenges

Purpose of Project Category:

Projects will focus on helping to build a strong labour force for agri-food and agri-product sectors by assisting sectors to identify challenges and opportunities related to the supply of labour. In addition, projects will help to implement new sector/commodity activities for attracting, training and retaining labour.

Target Audience

Project partnerships that will address challenges and opportunities along the agri-food and agri-products value chains that are heavily impacted by labour supply (e.g., horticulture, greenhouse and food processors)

Eligible Projects

Conducting labour and/or training needs assessments, audits or analysis (for broader sector benefit). The results of which will need to consider and leverage other skills and training programming opportunities available in Ontario (e.g. Skills Advance Ontario, etc.).

  • Investigate challenges related to labour supply access, and identifying opportunities to strengthen access to suitable labour supply and labour retention in a sector
  • Support activities that require additional data or validation prior to implementation
  • Projects that work to characterize and understand methods to reach identified target audiences
  • Piloting new experiential, subsector specific training approaches focusing on emerging technical competences and specific job skills to attract or retain suitable labour.

Project Category Priorities

  • Projects that are implementing comprehensive plans with identified tactics designed to enhance labour capacity, skillsets and supply
  • Projects that include partnerships with the appropriate industry partner(s)

Eligible Activities

  • Needs assessments, audits or analysis
  • Piloting training approaches

Ineligible Activities

  • Providing direct for business hiring or wage subsidies
  • Purchasing capital items
  • Training related to Food Safety and Traceability

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