Beyond Production Agriculture Business Information Bundle
Adding Value Takes Many Forms

Table of Contents

  1. Agri-tourism
  2. Specialty Crops
  3. Bioproducts
  4. Direct Marketing
  5. Fibre
  6. Community Supported Agriculture
  7. Organics
  8. Small-Scale Food Processing

How you add value depends on your farm business's unique qualities. The possibilities are endless. What potential do you see for your farm business?


Agri-tourism or agri-tainment is about attracting consumers to a working farm for fun and education.

Developing an Agri-Tourism Operation in Ontario factsheet - 16-029

Farm Management Canada (FMC)

Publication: Cultivating Agritourism - Tools and Techniques for Building Success

Managing Risk on Farms Open to the Public - 15-005

North American Farmers' Direct Marketing Association (NAFDMA)

Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance (OCTA)

Ontario Farm Fresh Marketing Association (OFFMA)

Ontario Farm and County Accommodations (OFCA)

Specialty Crops

Specialty crops have gained in popularity as some producers are moving away from traditional crops due to market or environmental changes. OMAFRA's Specialty Cropportunities website lists a number of specialty or alternative crops that may be considered in your value-added planning process.

Specialty Cropportunities

For the purposes of land use planning, specialty crop areas are the highest priority agricultural lands for protection. They are defined based on the predominance of specialty crops (e.g. tender fruit), soils, skill of farmers, and long-term capital investment.

At this time, the province recognizes four specialty crops areas.


Renewable domestic agricultural materials may be feedstocks used in the manufacture of bioenergy, biofuel, biomaterials and/or biochemicals.


Green Energy Opportunities - An Introductory Guide for Ontario's Farmers, Food Processors and Rural Communities

Direct Marketing

Direct farm sales take many forms:

  • roadside stands
  • on-farm shops
  • pick your own
  • contracts to a processor or store
  • freezer cuts or side sales
  • farmers' markets and
  • internet marketing sites.

Direct Farm Marketing Business Resources

Farmers' Markets Ontario (FMO)

Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance (OCTA)

Ontario Farm Fresh Marketing Association (OFFMA)


Fibre products such as industrial hemp and wool present value-added opportunities for Ontario producers.

Hemp in Ontario


Community Supported Agriculture

Community supported agriculture is another way to value-add a farm product by selling "shares" to interested consumers who in return receive farm products (fruits and vegetables are the most common products, although some CSAs included meat, eggs and dairy products as well).

CSA Resources for Farmers

Multi-farm CSA Handbook

Ontario CSA Directory


Organic farming is seen as a steady growth market with many opportunities. From a value-added opportunity, many farmers view organic farming as one way to meet the challenges of modern day agriculture while being profitable and personally rewarding. OMAFRA's organic page provides information about organic production, certification and the process of transitioning to organic.


Small Scale Food and Beverage Processing

Processing can add value to your farm business. Whether you want to make jam or jellies from fruit products you grow, or soups from vegetables, small scale food processing involves an investment in research and marketing to ensure success.

Maple Syrup

Starting a Food or Beverage Processing Business

Starting a Winery in Ontario

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