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Production Resources

Making and delivering your product or service to the market captures the profit opportunity of your business. Product quality shows the value the customers want. Production systems, facilities, equipment and purchasing skills all affect the quality, the yield and the cost of production.

Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA)
Agricultural Information Contact Centre
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Northern Ontario Regional Office toll free 1-800-461-6132

OMAFRA Food Industry and Business Management Staff
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Production System

Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) provides a wide range of information on all aspects of crop and livestock management.

Farm Management Canada
(organic field crop and livestock handbooks)

Product Quality

Food Safety, Quality and Inspection (OMAFRA food section)

Cost of Production and Record Keeping Systems

OMAFRA Factsheet 08-055: Guide to Cost of Production Budgeting
Choosing what crops or livestock to produce is an essential decision of any farm business. This Factsheet outlines the process and use of Cost of Production budgeting for farm-level decision-making.

Towards Increased Profits (TIP)
The TIP report compares the financial performance of the individual farmer to their previous 5 year average and to an industry benchmark

Ontario Farm Record Workbook - Publication 540

Ontario Enterprise Budgets
Enterprise budgets are developed to aid producers in evaluating the economics of production decisions

Canwest DHI Profit Profiler

Farm Management Canada
(Canadian farm budget database)

 Alberta Agriculture and Food
(agriculture software directory)

Facilities and Equipment

OMAFRA Factsheet 13-039: Guide To Custom Farmwork and Short-Term Equipment Rental
This Factsheet provides the following decision-making tools for farm managers and custom farmwork operators to manage the use of equipment and work time to meet production and profit goals.

OMAFRA Factsheet 13-059: Leasing Farm Equipment
During the past 10 years, it has become more popular to lease farm equipment as a method of acquiring new equipment for farm businesses. With this popularity comes the need of farm managers to be able to evaluate the cost of leasing verses the other options available.

OMAFRA's Downloadable Machinery Cost Calculator
The Machinery Cost Calculator is an excel worksheet that contains a machinery cost calculator, cost charts, a factsheet on machinery budgeting, and a comparison worksheet.

Purchasing and Supplier Relationships

OMAFRA Factsheet 06-067: Resolving Conflict
Understanding conflict is important before you can deal with it effectively. Recognizing and understanding what may be happening is the first step in resolving the situation effectively.

Other Resources

Certified Crop Advisors™

Ontario Veterinary Medical Association

Canadian Association of Farm Advisors

The following OMAFRA staff contributed to the development of the Growing Your Farm Profits Production section:

Carl Fletcher
Strategic Business Planning

Julie Poirier Mensinga
Northern Ontario Agricultural Business Management Specialist

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