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The structure of a business is important for many reasons. While taxation is often a prime concern for business owners, it should not be the only reason to consider a particular legal structure. Each kind of business structure has advantages and disadvantages. As a business grows or business goals change, a particular business structure may become more or less attractive.

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Legal Structures

OMAFRA Factsheet 02-069 Farm Business Joint Ventures
The joint venture is an ideal business structure when an arrangement that is flexible and less formal than either a partnership or corporation is needed.

OMAFRA Factsheet 10-031 Farm Corporations
This Factsheet will help farm business owners to understand the corporate structure and to decide if incorporation makes sense for their farm business.

OMAFRA Factsheet 11-019 Farm Business Partnerships
This Factsheet will help farm business owners understand the partnership structure and decide if a partnership arrangement makes sense for their farm business.

OMAFRA Factsheet 02-019 Forming a Co-operative
The cooperative business structure is only one of a number of structures that businesses can use.

Other Business Structure Resources

University of Guelph

Chartered Professional Accountants Ontario

Farm Management Canada

  • Agriculture and Agri-Business Structures: A Practical Guidebook
  • Agribusiness Operating Agreements

The following OMAFRA staff contributed to the development of the Growing Your Farm Profits Business Structure section:

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Finance and Business Structures

John Molenhuis
Business Analysis and Cost of Production

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