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Growing Your Farm Profits Workshop

Maximize Your Farm Business Success

The Growing Your Farm Profits workshop is the place to start - it provides a planning process and resources to maximize your long-term farm business goals.

The two-day workshop will give you the tools needed to self-assess your business:

  • Review current farm management practices, systems, knowledge, and skills.
  • Understand how planning provides the framework for effective decision making.
  • Prioritize future goals for the farm business.
  • Identify resources that can help meet these goals.
  • Build on the farm business' strengths and
  • Write an Action Plan to improve farm management skills and knowledge.

After the two-day workshop, you and your management team will be able to clarify an Action Plan for your farm business, start the planning process and begin to access the resources needed to achieve those goals.

Please note, although this is a workshop, you will not be asked to share personal or financial details with the workshop leader or other participants.

Workshops are available free of charge for all Ontario producers, as well as farm families and farm management teams.

Maximize your long-term farm business success by identifying your business strengths and planning needs in:

  • Marketing
  • Financial Management
  • Social Responsibility
  • Business Structure
  • Production
  • Human Resources
  • Succession Planning
  • Business Strategy

Contact OSCIA for workshop details by visiting the OSCIA website.

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