Exploring Value Added Opportunities (EVAO) Online Course

The eLearning course is temporarily unavailable on the website. To obtain a copy of the eLearning course on USB stick please contact Foodland Ontario at foodland@ontario.ca.


Module Name What You'll Learn

Pre-Module: Generating Ideas

(approx. 45 minutes)

  • Benefits of diversifying and delving into whether you are ready.
  • Market trends and opportunities they present.

Module 1: Selecting Your Best Idea

(45 minutes)

  • Consider your motivations and risk tolerance.
  • Identify your customer.
  • Select one or two ideas to pursue further.

Module 2: Assessing Your Idea's Business Potential

(45 minutes)

  • Information to assess what it takes to turn an idea into reality.
  • Further develop and evaluate your business idea in the areas of production, marketing, financial and human resources.

Module 3: Next Steps

(45 minutes)

  • Decide whether you are ready to develop a full business plan for the idea.
  • If not, determine what still needs to be done before you proceed with the idea.

The project was funded through Growing Forward, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative.

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Author: OMAFRA
Creation Date: 18 November 2014
Last Reviewed: 09 April 2018