Minister's Statement

"I have been closely monitoring the unseasonably wet and cool weather conditions across the province over the past few months, and recognize the stress that farmers experience when they are faced with adverse weather conditions that have the potential to impact their crops.

While the 2017 crop season is progressing for many farmers, there are regions of the province where producers are facing significant challenges caused by this unseasonable weather.

Our government is committed to supporting Ontario's farmers, which is why my ministry has a variety of Business Risk Management programs available for growers to cover loss and damage due to risks that are beyond their control. My ministry is reaching out to affected commodity groups to discuss producers' needs, and providing information on Business Risk Management programs available to them, as well as working with Agricorp to help get farmers the support they need.

Field staff have also been working closely with impacted sectors across the province to help them manage challenges caused by weather conditions.

Our Agriculture Information Contact Centre (AICC) has staff available to provide producers and agri-businesses with information on best management practices for planting and crop management. Farmers concerned about the impact wet weather conditions could have on their crops should contact the AICC at 1-877-424-1300.

While it is too soon to determine the full impact this year's heavy rainfall will have on our crops this growing season, we will continue to monitor the situation closely.''

- Jeff Leal, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

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