Growing Forward 2 for Processors

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New: GF2 Results Spotlight

The GF2 Results Spotlight below shows some of the ways that food processors have improved their business with GF2 funding. The featured results will be updated regularly and each spotlight will focus on new results within one GF2 area of focus.

Spotlight: Labour Productivity Enhancement

Over $30 million has been committed to food processors to invest in labour productivity enhancements. These projects (some in progress and some completed) include:

  • 319 projects to install technology, equipment, and software systems upgrades
  • 82 projects for assessments, audits, planning, and skills development and training1

As processors begin to complete and report on more of these projects, more results become available. Below are results that processors have achieved with GF2 funding (note: results below represent only a subset of the total completed projects2):

Five donut charts showing: 92% reduced labour costs, 81% improved product quality, 79% reduced waste, 91% met customer requirements, 82% had less downtime.

3 bars in a bar graph showing: 80% accessed new markets, 92% expanded existing markets, 90% retained existing markets. Pie chart showing 91% achieved new sales.

1 Funds committed and projects approved (completed and in progress) as of September 2016.

2 Results figures represent processor labour productivity enhancement implementation projects that reported the respective result as of August 2016, as a percentage of the number of respondents for each respective question. The number of respondents for each respective question is as follows: 134 for reduced labour costs, 113 for product quality, 112 for reduced waste, 128 for customer requirements, 114 for downtime, 116 for market access, 141 for market expansion, 135 for market retention, and 140 for sales. Numbers were adjusted for any pre-requisite question discrepancies as applicable and exclude answers that were not applicable and could not be interpreted.

Note: While the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs ('Ontario') endeavors to isolate and remove invalid data elements from the data, Ontario makes no representations or warranties about the completeness, accuracy or reliability of the data or its suitability for any given purpose. Reliance on the data is strictly at the user's own risk. Ontario will not accept liability for any loss or damage arising out of the use of this data. The information expressed on this webpage is solely that of the respective contributors and does not necessarily represent the views of the Government of Canada.

Intake for Ontario food processors

The last scheduled intake for Ontario food processors under Growing Forward 2 cost-share funding assistance closed on November 3, 2016. Following the close, processors continue to be eligible to apply for Growing Forward 2 cost-share funding under the Organizations and Collaborations stream of the program.

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Processors can still access free workshops and resources to improve their business bottom line: