Enhanced Agri-food Workplace Protection Program

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Funding Supports and Opportunities Currently Available

  • Funding is available now for the Enhanced Agri-Food Workplace Protection Program. Eligible submissions are received and assessed on a continuous basis, while funding is available.
  • Funding is available now for the Agri-Food Workplace Protection Program for provincially licensed meat processors through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership. Eligible applications are received and assessed on a continuous basis, while funding is available.
  • OMAFRA has entered into a Transfer Payment Agreement with the Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS) to provide agri-food businesses, organizations and associations with educational resources, tools and consulting services to help them meet implement COVID-19 health and safety protocols. Additional details about businesses that may qualify can be found online on the WSPS website or by calling 1-877-494-WSPS (9777).

Program Overview

The Government of Ontario is investing up to $15 million to expand a program which helps support the agri-food sector and better protect workers during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Enhanced Agri-food Workplace Protection Program will help more operations, including farms, to take additional measures to improve health and safety for their workers and ensure the continued supply of healthy food during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Farmers and other operations have access to cost-share funding to help enhance health and safety measures for employees, such as purchasing personal protective equipment, medical testing equipment, enhanced cleaning and disinfection, and temporary or permanent modifications to enhance physical distancing.

In response to feedback we have made a number of changes to this program to ensure that it works effectively to support farmers in their effort to take preventative measures, ensure safe work places and care for ill workers.

Enhancements to the program include:

  • Project costs incurred on or after March 15, 2020 will now be eligible under the enhanced programming.
  • To simplify the program and provide assistance faster we are reimbursing eligible expenses without requiring pre-approval up to the maximum per eligible business/per property as long as funding is available.
  • The program has been expanded to include operations that provide off-farm packing services (i.e. cooling, storing, washing, sorting, packing) for products such as fruit and vegetables, as well as organizations that offer corn detasseling services.
  • Support is also now available for producers and other operations to assist with costs for short-term accommodation and transportation related to preventive measures, as well as those incurred in addressing an illness or outbreak.

For more information:
Toll Free: 1-877-424-1300
E-mail: ag.info.omafra@ontario.ca