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Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs


Trade Name: Gramoxone

Group 22

Site of Action: Photo system I - electron diverters

Following POST emergent application:

  • Within a few hours, in full sunlight, the plant wilts and dries out
  • In 1- 3 days complete foliar necrosis occurs
  • Injury from drift can occur and presents itself as spots of dead leaf tissue wherever there is contact by spray droplets

Uptake and Translocation

  • Absorbed by foliage and green bark
  • Little or no translocation


  • Highly persistent but residues are tightly adsorbed and unavailable in the soil
  • Essentially no residual activity in soil
  • Half-life in field: 1000 days

Photographs courtesy of:

F.A Holm and Ken Sapsford at University of Saskatchewan - Department of Plant Sciences - Weeds Research - Herbicide Injury Symptoms:

Paraquat injury on broccoliParaquat injury on broccoliParaquat injury on broccoliParaquat injury on wheatParaquat injury on wheatParaquat injury on squashParaquat injury on pepperParaquat injury on cherry Paraquat injury on strawberryClick to enlarge