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Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs


Trade name: Broadstar, Chateau, Payload, Sureguard, Valtera

Site of Action: Inhibitors of protoporphyrinogen oxidase (Protox)

Group 14


  • Within a few hours, initial water soaked symptoms appear
    Treated plants become necrotic
    Within a few days, plant death occurs

Uptake and translocation

  • Primarily taken up by the roots of treated plants following soil applications
  • Movement in the phloem is limited because of the rapid foliar desiccation caused by the herbicide


  • Flumioxazin degrades rapidly in water and soil
  • Dissipation of flumioxazin occurs by hydrolysis and microbial oxidation
  • Flumioxazin has a half life of 4.2 days at pH 5 and 1 day at pH7
  • Residual activity lasting up to 100 days depending on conditions
Flumioxazin injury on tomatoes Click to enlarge.