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Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs


Sunscald may affect leaves, stems, and fruit.  Fruit that is suddenly exposed to the sun due to defoliation or shifting foliage due to winds or handpicking is most likely to develop sunscald. develop sunscald.  Affected areas are sunken and light brown to white.  The fruit can then be invaded by secondary organisms, causing fruit rot.  Early in the season, tender young leaf and stem tissue may show injury due to high heat (often in proximity to the surface of the soil or plastic mulch) or intense sunlight.

Exposure to intense sunlight can also cause the fruit to heat up to the point at which red colour will not develop.  This is characterized by yellow areas where the fruit is exposed to the sun. Defoliation may occur due to disease, excessive heat, insect feeding, or Ethrel use.

Sunscald of tomato fruit Sunscald of tomato fruit Sunscald and growth of secondary organisms Sunscald
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