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Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

Fruit Cracking, Rain Check (Weather Check or Shoulder Check)

Fruit cracking appears as cracks at the stem end that spread out in a radial or concentric pattern.  Depending on the cultivar, the cracks can appear from the mature green to the ripe stage of maturity.  Cultivars vary in susceptibility.

Fruit cracking may be caused by alterations in growth rate or fluctuations in moisture or temperature

Rain check appears as tiny concentric cracks or russetting on the upper shoulder of mature green fruit. It may also occur on breaker fruit and less commonly on immature green fruit. It is most common on large-fruited varieties.   The small cracks may coalesce into larger cracks.  The cracks feel rough and can become leathery.  The affected area will not ripen properly.

Rain check is less of a problem in varieties with good canopy cover, protecting the fruit from rain and dews.  Where the plant is covered, as in a high tunnel, rain check is greatly reduced.

Concentric and radial cracking Concentric cracking Radial cracking Fruit cracking Rain check
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