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Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

June Yellows

June yellows is a non-infectious genetic disorder that develops in certain varieties.


  • Yellow or white streaking and mottling of leaves.
  • Symptoms worsen as the planting ages (i.e. worse in 3 year old plantings than 1 year old plantings).
  • Symptoms are most apparent in early spring, and less so when weather warms up.
  • Eventually causes stunting and a reduction in fruit production.
  • Symptoms of June yellows are consistently present in almost every plant in the affected block.

Often Confused with
Herbicide damage
Nutrient deficiency
(June yellows can be distinguished from these problems by the pattern of injury in the field and by the varieties affected.)

Management notes

  • Affected plants never recover. There is no known control for June yellows. Do not propagate from plants affected by June yellows.
  • Of varieties grown in Ontario today, only the varieties Glooscap and Mesabi are known to develop June yellows.
June yellows - streaking on foliage June yellows - on foliage June yellows - on foliage
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