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Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs


Trade Name: Broadstar, Chateau, Payload, Sureguard, Valtera

Group 14

Site of Action: Inhibitors of protoporphyrinogen oxidase (PPO) (Protox)


  • Spotting or burning of tissues where spray contact occurred
  • Injury does not spread to other tissues or leaves that develop after contact occurred
  • On shoots, spots are dark brown and sunken

Uptake and Translocation

  • Primarily taken up by the roots of treated plants following soil applications.
  • Movement in the phloem is limited because of the rapid foliar desiccation caused by the herbicide.


  • The length of residual control is dependent on application rate, rainfall and temperature conditions following application (generally 4-6 weeks of control).

Often Confused With
Phomopsis- yellow rings around dark flecks on leaves; shoot lesions are elongated and not sunken

Management Notes

  • Avoid direct or indirect spray contact to foliage and green bark.
  • Use a shielded sprayer.
  • Use low pressures that produce large droplet sizes to avoid drift.
  • Grow tubes provide excellent protection of newly planted vines from herbicides.

Flumioxazin damage Flumioxazin damage Flumioxazin damage Flumioxazin damage Flumioxazin damage Flumioxazin damageClick to enlarge.