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Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs


Scientific Name


  • Spiders are not insects
  • The body has two regions, the cephalothorax and abdomen
  • Four pairs of legs
  • Several different types found within the vine canopy, on branches and on the trunk
  • Foliage hunting spiders (jumping spiders, crab spiders and sac spiders) hunt for prey in foliage by physically grabbing them
  • Foliage web builders (orb weavers, cobweb spiders, meshweb weavers and sheetweb spiders) all spin webs to trap their prey
  • Other spiders live on the ground under debris, in silk-lined burrows

Often Confused With
Spiders are readily distinguished from vineyard pests and from other natural enemies found in vineyards.  

Interaction With Host
Spiders are generalist feeders that prey on many different insect pests of grape and other arthropods in the vineyard.

Period of Activity
Spring to fall.

Insects Attacked
Many insects and mites.

Monitoring and Management
Note the presence of spiders when monitoring in vineyards. Many are nocturnal and are difficult to see during routine scouting activities.

Web forming spider Spider in rolled leaf web Spider on apple leafClick to enlarge.