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Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs


Trade Names: Ignite, Liberty 200SN

Group 10

Site of Action: Inhibitors of glutamine synthetase

Following POST emergence application:

  • 3- 5 days plants becomes chlorotic and wilted
  • 1- 2 weeks plants become necrotic
  • Bright sunlight, high humidity and moist soil increase the rate of development of these symptoms

There are no symptoms if the herbicide is applied PRE emergent

Uptake and Translocation

  • Absorbed through foliage
  • Minimal translocation- dependent on application rate and species treated


  • None
  • There are no cropping or rotational restrictions after application

Photographs courtesy of:

F.A Holm and Ken Sapsford at University of Saskatchewan - Department of Plant Sciences - Weeds Research - Herbicide Injury Symptoms:

Glufosinate injury on CucurbitsClick to enlarge.