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Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

Wild Grape

Scientific Name: Vitis spp.

Other Names: Grape vine

Family: Grape Family (Vitaceae)

General Description: Perennial, reproducing by seed.

Habitat: Wild grape grows in woods, on riverbanks, along fencerows as well as in orchards, vineyards and nurseries.


  • Climbing or trailing vines,
  • Older stems are covered in brown bark that appears shredded,
  • Smaller stems are green or red and hairless.


  • Alternate (1 per node),
  • 5-12 cm in length,
  • Coarsely toothed,
  • Veins radiate out from point where leaf and petiole join,
  • Usually with 3 lobes but may not be lobed,
  • Generally maple-leaf or heart-shaped,
  • Underside is slightly hairy, upper surface smooth.


  • Greenish,
  • In long clusters,
  • Flowers in late spring and early summer.


  • In clusters,
  • Purplish-black berries,
  • Smaller than fruits of commercially grown grapes,
  • Ripen September to October.

Often Confused With
Virginia creeper – Leaves of Virginia creeper are compound, wild grape leaves are not.

Wild grape Wild grape Wild grape Wild grape Wild grape Wild grape
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