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Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

disease Identification Key

Damage to fruit (harvested or stored)...

Dark yellow to yellow orange spots with a dark green border on the calyx end.
Small green to purple or light brown, dry lesions on the surface of mature fruit; numerous internal lesions, often more severe at the calyx end.
Lesions on the calyx end, purplish, at first, eventually the entire calyx end becomes blistered and deformed; tube-like structures and powdery, bright orange spores may be present. Soft, watery, light brown areas around injuries or lenticels on fruit surface; older lesions may have spore, white at first then bluish green; distinct odour.
Net-like russetting on small and stunted fruit; leaves near the fruit are covered with a white powdery fungus. Fruit light to dark brown and spongy; fluffy white to grey mycelium and spores may be present under high relative humidity; no distinct odour.