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Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs


Identifying Pests through the Identification Key
Use the Identification Key to help recognize your insect, disease or weed issue.

Answers to Soil Problems
Use the soil diagnostics section to learn how the soil environment can impact your crop.

Scouting Calendars
As you scout throughout the season, keep up-to-date with which pests may be active in your field.

Testing Your Knowledge
Ready to test your knowledge? Take a quick quiz to see if you know your stuff.

Identifying Pests Through the Identification Key

Insect and disease identification key(s) are provided for each crop, as well as for broadleaf and grassy weeds. If you have a pest problem you can’t identify, try using one of these keys.

Access the keys through each specific crop or through the Quick choices. Each key will take you through a series of steps where you will have a choice of two or more descriptions, or a Yes/No question. Choose what best fits your specimen’s description and continue until identification is made. If neither alternative fits your specimen’s description, or if the identification is incorrect, use the back button to try again. If this doesn’t work, the particular pest or life stage may not be included in this training.

Answers to Soil Problems

Soil Diagnostics helps you to understand how soil properties like drainage, nutrients, pH, structure and texture can impact your crop. It gives you the tools needed for plant and soil sampling, and for diagnosing soil problems like compaction and erosion.

Find Soil Diagnostics through the Quick choices menu from the home page, or through the navigation bar in each individual crop. From there, browse through the topics listed to learn more.

Scouting Calendars

Scouting calendars are included for each crop. The calendars are a one page graphic representation of the activity patterns of pest populations throughout the growing season.

Choose a crop, and access the scouting calendars through the navigation bar on the left. Use the calendars as general guidelines for which pests to expect when you are scouting.